Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions
1.1 Manicas.com business is the electronic store for exhibition and distribution of the products of Manikas business in Internet. Please read the following terms and conditions that apply for the usage of our electronic store at the address : www.johnmanicas.com
1.2 Our store is based in Heraklion Crete Postcode: 71201 , St Minas Square and belongs at the John Manikas personal business.
1.3 The purpose of our business is to inform the guests of our electronic store johnmanicas.com about the rights and commitments of the users/guests of our website according to the terms and conditions governing it.
1.4 Continue browsing and using our website only after you ensure that you agree uncoditionally to the following terms and conditions.
2.1 To start a transaction with us a necessary condition is the disclosure of certain of your  personal data. For your best service we will need your first and last name , your telephone number , your e-mail address and your home address of which you can edit at any tine or cancel some of them.
2.2 We notify you that in compliance with the law for protection of personal information we will not publish , sale , disclose any of your personal information to third parties.
3.1 We pledge for product prices in the website without prejudice of typographical and technical errors that might unintentionally occur or/and due to website shutdown in case of force majeure. We reserve our right to re-evaluate the store prices and in every case notify the costumer.
3.2 The presentation of our products has been made with the best possible way in a way that they are presented enlarged in order to portray their details. However the store takes no responsibility for the accurate display which depends on the projection media (computer monitor) and slight deviations from the real-final product are possible.
4.1 After the completion of the order's payment , in case further clarifications need to be made we will contact you ( by telephone or e-mail ) within one workday for any information needed.
4.2 In case of payment through bank deposit , a period of 5 workdays is given for the deposit of the order's full payment. In case of failing to make a full payment after the passing of 5 workdays the order gets canceled.
Using PAYPAL your personal information are secure and are encoded using SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer ) technology. This payment method is the most secure and used around the world.
After the completion of the order we will contact you about the details of the deposit and the confirmation of your order.
6.1 Product shipment are carried through ELTA COURIER. For a better customer service , during your order we will ask your delivery information ( address , Postcode , etc). Shipment rates are defined at 5 euros in Greece excluding hard to reach areas. The rate for hard to reach areas varies and the customer will be notified before the shipment of the order.
6.2 For purchases over 150 euro shipment is free of charge.
6.3 The delivery of the order will be completed within 20 workdays for Greece and within 6 (six) weeks for other countries from the date of the order's confirmation.
If for any reason (eg holidays) or for reasons of force majeure (strikes , bad weather conditions etc) it isn't possible to complete a delivery within the predetermined time you will be notified through e-mail about the time of delivery.
6.4 We are not responsible for any customs charges outside the European Union.
7.1 We accept cancellations only within 24 hours from the completion of the order.
7.2 After receiving the product check paragraph 8 and call us at 2810282158 or 6936555166-5 and we will inform you about the details.
8.1 Due to the nature of our products ,(on demand , handmade shirts etc) returns are not accepted , as it is not possible to resale. Never the less we will respond on any problem that might occur proven the store's fault ( error in the reception of the order , shirt measurements ) , faulty fabric or/and wrong measurements send by the customer during the placement of the order. In this case (customer mistake) by contacting us either by phone either on our e-mail info@johnmanicas.com we will suggest the best solution with the least cost. In all the mentioned cases shipment costs are charged on the customer.
8.2 In case the product gets lost or damaged during shipment and after it has been received by the carrier (E.L.T.A. Courier) responsibility lies in full in the shipping company.
8.3 At the time you receive your order , we suggest you check the packaging in order to detect any flaws(eg wet , damaged merchandise).
9.1 Our users-guests have the to access member services after registering an account using a password and a username.
9.2 The terms and conditions can be altered at any time under our judgement.