About Us

About John Manicas

When common sense catches up with luxury.

Custom shirts made by real people for  third generation.

Our philosophy is to adhere to the traditional family shirt making techniques using luxurious Italian and Swiss cotton fabrics composed by the finest  Egyptian cotton.

Fabrics are sourced directly from the biggest and oldest manufacturers in fashion industry, such as the Swiss Alumo, the Italian MONTI  S.P.A  , SIC.Tess and Laguna (Monti associates).

Great  variety and affordable prices combined with our custom made shirts, making each one unique and satisfy the most demanding customers. We also dispose exclusive fabric collections and also 2ply thread (up to 240X2) but also 3ply (up to 160X3) and the limited cotton collection of Sea Island.

Our custom men  shirts are all cut by hands stitched to the pattern specified by each individual customer. My father and I , turn directly 2 meters of pure cotton into a custom unique shirt. In this way ordering  to us , we craft each shirt as a personal  & single  item .

Personal  relationship with the customer  is very important for us, as we personally and exclusively,  fully participate on  the procedure of the creation of your custom made shirt.